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ASCOT Wealth Direct is designed to provide people with a no-fuss insurance option.
If you know what insurance you want and how much cover you need, then this service will provide you with the insurer
HOWEVER, do you understand all these terms and how they relate to insurance?

Agreed ValueWaiting Period
IndemnityLevel Premium Underwriting
Stepped PremiumBenefit Period

If you do then perhaps all you need is a quote but if not, then perhaps you need some advice!
The initial consultation is at our expense so why not contact us just to be sure!


Life Insurance


Income Protection


Provides a lump sum payment to a beneficiary, third party or an estate in event of death. It would also be normal for all or part of the benefit to be paid should the diagnoses be one of terminal illness.


Income Protection provides you with a regular source of income should you be unable to work for a period due to injury or illness. You can generally insure for up to 75% of your normal income and there are a number of options available relating to waiting periods and benefit periods.


We provide bespoke and considered advice,
by researching the country's largest insurance providers, some of which include;

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