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All ASCOT Wealth Management clients receive portfolio construction and management advice that combines the skill and insight of their ASCOT Wealth Management adviser and our specialist team of portfolio construction experts. Once your portfolio has been agreed there are choices as to how portfolios are implemented and maintained

What is This

ASCOT Wealth Management Custom Portfolios is a service that establishes an agreement with you to manage your portfolio to a defined strategy. The strategy establishes the range of allowable market exposure and your particular preferences. Thereafter ASCOT Wealth Management manages the portfolio in accordance with that strategy (i.e. using its discretion to re-balance as needed). The great advantage of ASCOT Wealth Management Custom Portfolios is that portfolio adjustments are implemented quickly and cost effectively, whilst still providing the benefit of personalized advice and portfolio customization. In our view that is likely to lead to better investment outcomes for you over the longer term.

Are Custom Portfolios Just for Share Investments?

Absolutely not. ASCOT Wealth Management Custom Portfolios cover all asset classes and are designed to provide a highly efficient and dynamic way to manage asset allocation and investment selection / blending. In addition to covering asset classes including domestic and international shares, property, and fixed income, ASCOT Wealth Management Custom Portfolios can include listed securities, managed funds and fixed interest allowing your portfolio to be constructed to meet your requirements, whether they are active or passive in nature.

Is Asset Allocation Important?

Over the long term, the decision as to how much to allocate to different asset classes (asset allocation) will have a greater bearing on investors' total returns than decisions as to which investments to buy within that asset class. Past academic studies have suggested that up to 90% of a portfolio's return is ultimately explained by asset allocation.*

Markets can be inefficient for prolonged periods. This means that market valuations can remain irrationally influenced by emotions such as fear or greed for extended time frames, rather than reflect true underlying fundamental value. This is both an opportunity and a threat for investors.

Over the long term the Australian equity market has delivered an "equity risk premium" of 4 to 5 per cent per annum. This is the return above a "risk free" rate such as the cash rate. This return is attractive and is the reason for investing rather than simply saving. However, the equity risk premium does not come evenly over time. Equity markets can potentially deliver much lower premiums or no premium at all for long periods. This is a risk that needs to be carefully managed. Asset allocation must be matched to investor time frame and profiles.

Even when the likely future direction of market trends is clear, the time frame over which these trends play out can be far longer or shorter than anticipated. Therefore it is critical that investors and their advisers have access to historical perspectives on how long inefficiencies can take to correct and that the investment strategy for any given investor is developed with a clear understanding of time frame. Mismatching of market and investor time frames is to be avoided at all costs. Asset allocation is about avoiding losses too.

*Source: Roger G. Ibbotson and Paul D. Kaplan, "Does Asset Allocation Policy Explain 40%, 90%, or 100% of Performance?", The Financial Analysts Journal, January/February 2000

How Does it Work?

You, and your ASCOT Wealth Management adviser, agree upon your investment strategy.

Your Investment Strategy
  • Governs your risk exposure
  • Is agreed by you and your adviser
  • Will be adhered to when recommending you portfolio
  • Can be tailored to exclude certain investments – according to your preferences.

Your portfolio will be managed on a discretionary basis and investments will be bought and sold in line with your investment strategy. That is, a professional portfolio manager is employed to buy and sell securities for clients on their behalf, avoiding the need to continually refer back to the client to approve and confirm transactions in their portfolio, thus streamlining the management process

Key Benefits
  • Outsource the stress involved in portfolio management
  • Access to a professional adviser and expertly managed portfolios / funds
  • Your ASCOT Wealth Management adviser, who knows you, your risk profile and in most cases your tax position, oversees your investments.
  • Dynamic asset allocation matched with timely execution by Fund Managers, minimizes your risk and takes advantage of market opportunities
  • The administration function is taken care of by expert providers such as MLC, Bt and PLUM.
Other Important Things You Need to Know
  • We have deep insights
  • We Identify a sustainable competitive edge
  • Access exclusive managers
  • Diversification through blending
  • We 'trust but verify'

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